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Ua Local 447 Master Labor Agreement

UA Local 447`s mission is to put the best trained employees in the field to work for our contractors. Look at our huge database, full of local and regional contractors. If you need help, call us today PHONE: (805) 643-6345 / (805) 656-5178 FAX: (805) 643-0425 EMAIL: WEBSITE: PHONE: (909) 825-0359 FAX: ((0359)805) 909) 824-8362 EMAIL: rewards@ualocal364.orgWEBSITE: PHONE: (909) 945-5557 FAX: (909) 945-5560 EMAIL: Business Representative: James Cunningham Phone: (858) 554-0586. 5 e-mail: . ADDRESS: 501 Shatto Place Suite 400 Los Angeles CA 90020-1757 PHONE: (213) 487-4262 FAX: (213) 500-3679 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Business Manager: Michael P. HuertaEmail: Business Manager: George Vasquez Jr.Email: An Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration Mechanic Apprentice, works for a refrigeration contractor in the maintenance and repair of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Commercial Agent: Chuck LozanoEmail: . ADDRESS:1303 North Rabe Avenue, 101 Fresno, CA 93727 . ADDRESS: 1111 W. James M.

Wood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90015. Business Agent: Ray MortorffEmail: Director of Organizing: John Ferruccio Email: ADDRESS:8590 Utica Avenue, Suite 200 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 ADDRESS: 6313 Nancy Ridge Drive San Diego, CA 92121 Organizer: Adolf NavarroEmail: ADDRESS:18355 South Figueroa Street Gardena, CA 90248-4297 Administrative Assistant: Doug Wilson Email: If you provide us with a DD-214 with a discharge from Active Duty, we will write you a letter that will prevent you from performing the first exam. You are always responsible for finding your first job. You can bring us a DD-214 at any time during our office hours, which should not be only during the test week. We`ll accept a transcript of your high school as long as he has your appointment. It is not necessarily an official transcript. We will also accept a transcript of the university. If we can see that your degree is indeed a diploma, then you can still take the entrance exam; Otherwise, you will need to translate your diploma into English and make yourself notarized. Business Agent: Ray A. Angon Business Agent: Rodney G.

Larson ADDRESS: 1955 North Ventura Avenue Ventura Ventura, CA 93001-1397 . PRESIDENT: Bob JenningsWEBSITE: Business Manager: Michael Shane Boston Organizer: Timothy Redondo We hope you find valuable information on these pages and we recommend you use the “contact” to send us your comments.

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